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My Therapy Offerings

Individual Therapy

Individual Adult Therapy

You may be in a time of transition where you are reevaluating what is important to you and what steps you can take to move towards how you want to show up for yourself. You're aware that your anxiety has greatly affected many areas of your life, and you feel stuck and overwhelmed on how to proceed. 

What’s Included
  • Collaborate to set specific goals tailored to your unique needs 

  • Creative experiential exercises to help explore your core values 

  • Develop deeper awareness and tools to access your own resources

  • Safely unveil what is blocking you from actualizing your values 

Child Play Therapy

Parent-Child Therapy

Filial Play Therapy 

Play is a child’s language and toys are their words. It is the primary way that they learn social and emotional skills, create strong connections with their family, and manage difficult situations. Parents are the most important person in a child’s life.   Having the ability to be fully  present by stepping into your child’s world and learning their language, will not only strengthen your relationship with your child, you will also be able to help your child navigate their complex feelings. Your role as a parent is vital in aiding a positive shift in your child’s life and your family dynamics as a whole.

What’s Included

Training Sessions for Parents 

  • Learn how to conduct non-directive play sessions

  • Practice with your own children while getting support and guidance from your therapist 

  • Discover the meaning of your child’s play and how it relates  to their current struggles


Teach Parenting Skills & Transfer Home 

  • Learn a set of skills that provides safety and connection for your child 

  • Learn how to use these skills during  sessions at home 

  • Apply these skills to everyday situations with your child. 

Playful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

If your child struggles with a discrete anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety, separation anxiety,  or social anxiety, playful CBT can help. Similar to Filial Therapy, I work in partnership with the parent to understand the  child’s anxiety, identify measurable goals, and create a treatment plan that involves the parent and child working together as a family unit. 

What’s Included

Parent-Child Sessions 

  • Information about the cycle of anxiety and how parents can respond more effectively 

  • Gain tools to help the child turn down the volume on anxiety’s loud voice 

  • Practice activities in session and at home to help  the child gain confidence in their ability to face their fears 


Expressive Arts Groups 

Whether it's a weekly or monthly  group, our time together will be dedicated to creating a space for your inner voice and all its wisdom to shine. I incorporate grounding rituals, embodiment exercises and visual arts that allow you to access external and internal resources in order to be able to confront challenges. My playful and warm energy creates a non-threatening environment to be your genuine self. 

What’s Included


Female-identified tweens and teens are empowered to:

  • Obtain healthy tools to self regulate their emotions

  • Learn communication and active listening skills

  • Develop solid relationships with themselves and peers

  • Collaborate to create a final project or performance together


Female-identified adult women are empowered to: 

  • Deepen your relationship with your own true self  

  • Foster connection with like-minded women 

  • Develop new ways of thinking about challenges that arise 

  • Engage in creative approaches and techniques for your wellbeing 

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