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Hannah Rudsten

My love for theater and visual arts has been a constant outlet throughout my life. I knew I found my true calling when I learned I could combine expressive arts with helping others when I attended an improv class in San Francisco and learned about Drama Therapy. High school was a pivotal time in my life where I discovered theater class--a safe space where my authentic self could shine and where I met my mentor Larkin. She provided guidance and support through those awkward teenage years and empowered me to embrace my inner voice, and speak my  truth even when my own anxiety of what others thought got in the way. I was able to practice facing my fears in a  non-judgemental environment and see that I am more capable than I think I am.


With 16 years of experience spanning diverse areas—from private practices to youth development centers, schools, nature-based mentoring programs, and mental health clinics—my hope is to walk alongside you during these times of change, uncertainty, and growth, providing a safe space for exploration, healing, and encouragement.  I would be honored to  connect with you to create specific goals tailored to your unique needs. Just as Larkin did for me, I like to customize the sessions to include your interests and hobbies to help facilitate a space in which you can welcome your true self and speak your inner voice.


When I am taking a break from being a therapist, you can find me at an improv show with my partner or friends, having lunch with family or stopping a stranger on the street to say hello to their dog. I also love to travel and hope to do more soon. I miss my time living in Buenos Aires, Argentina learning Spanish and teaching English and facilitating a female-identified tween group in New Zealand.


My Approach

Anxiety likes to use uncertainty, change, and unfamiliar situations to keep us worrying and stuck. I aim to help you practice becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable. I incorporate creative experiential techniques such as play, art, guided meditations, parts work, as well as psychodrama. Psychodrama is an action oriented method that emphasizes exploring and addressing issues in the present moment, allowing for immediate insights and opportunities for change.



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Board of Behavioral Sciences, California (#134753)

MA in Counseling Psychology, Drama Therapy

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

BA in Family and Human Services

University of Oregon, Eugene


Stepping Stones Project, Marin County, Ca

Ecotherapy for middle schoolers

SF Bay Play Therapy Family Counseling Center, Oakland, Ca

Liberation Institute, San Francisco, Ca

Private Practice for Adults

Go Girls! Camp, Oakland, Ca

Visual Arts and Performing Camp

Private Practice for Children and Families

Seven Tepees Youth Program, San Francisco, Ca

Youth Development Program for Tweens and Teens

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